Christina Blacklaws launches Just Lawyers!

Nikki Elliott, Joss Saunders, Mark Maurice-Jones, Christina Blacklaws and Louise Curd at the launch of

Christina Blacklaws, the incoming President of the Law Society, launched the new Just Lawyers website at the Law Society In-House Division Conference on 13 June 2018.   The launch followed a panel session led by some of the Just Lawyers team which introduced the concept of being a Just Lawyer:

Nikki Elliott (legal counsel, DHL) chaired the session on ‘How to achieve social justice – the nature of the lawyer’ where a number of questions were posed, and debated by delegates, prompting some fascinating discussion.  The questions are below as posed by our team – and we would be interested to hear your thoughts on these topics! 

Mark Maurice-Jones (GC, Nestle UK&I): How can a Just Lawyer positively influence his/her organisation from within?

Claire Mortimer (assistant legal director, Foreign & Commonwealth Office): What is the public perception of lawyers?  Does the public recognise the lawyers’ role in constructing a just society?  If so, how?  If not, why not and what do we need to do about it?

Joss Saunders (GC, Oxfam GB): What action outside of work have I done or have I seen other people do which makes the most use of my/their legal skills to help other people achieve social justice?  What would I recommend to other lawyers to try to help achieve social justice using their legal skills?

By considering some of these issues and exploring what it means to be a Just Lawyer, we can challenge stereotypes, effect positive change and contribute to our local and global society.  Please explore our website for more information.
We would like to thank Christina Blacklaws and the Law Society for inviting us to participate and for allowing us to launch our new Just Lawyers initiative at the conference.  Thank you also to the many lawyers who continue to contribute their time, enthusiasm and site content to the project.

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