What is “Just Lawyers”?

Not just a lawyer, a ‘just lawyer’…


Just Lawyers was born out of Joss Saunders’ (Oxfam GC) vision for a manifesto, or equivalent of the Hippocratic oath, for in-house lawyers. It is a growing network of in-house lawyers who want to provoke thought and encourage reflection on an individual’s motives and ambitions to utilise the law to ‘do good’.

It was launched in February 2016 as part of the Oxfam Lawyers Against Poverty project. Since then we have been bringing together in-house lawyers from the private, public and third sectors with a view to creating a source of guidance, inspiration and practical support, and provide case studies to demonstrate how those ambitions can be realised.


We want the Just Lawyers network to be the go to place for in-house lawyers interested in doing something to effect change in their organisation and the world.

Who it is for

Just Lawyers is for in-house lawyers, in-house paralegals, and their support staff; students considering an in-house legal career; and retirees of the in-house legal profession.  There are around 25,000 in-house legal staff across the private, government and third sectors in the UK.  Just Lawyers is not aimed at private practice lawyers.

What we are providing

We are addressing the following key themes through articles, interviews, case studies, video content, template materials and useful links.

  • “A just lawyer in your organisation” – shaping it from within
  • “A just lawyer in the profession” – the privilege of privilege
  • “A just lawyer in society” – global and local citizenship
  • “A just lawyer in action” – what you can do and how

This is delivered in the growing form of this website, and will eventually be an e-publication.

The e-publication will address all topics covered by the website and will encourage the reader to visit the website for more detail and resources. The website will contain “bonus content” such as further detail on case studies, video interviews, discussion boards, up-to-date content and links.

What we would like from you!

Our main goal is for visitors to the Just Lawyers site to make use of the information, tools and materials.

We would also really appreciate it if you could: tell us about how you used the website, what you found most useful, and of any gaps or ideas for further materials; subscribe to our mailing list; complete our occasional surveys; and contribute to the Just Lawyers network.


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