The Hackathon

With the very kind support of Gowlings WLG we hosted our first Just Lawyers Hackathon on 9th October 2017. The day was made up of a series of ‘30 minute content writing sprints’ to get the website up and running. We had some inspirational speakers throughout the day and a number of games to keep the energy levels up. There were also some prizes dished out during the day based on creativity, quantity and quality!

A huge thanks goes to the following people who came along, contributed their enthusiasm, time and their words!

  • Joss Saunders
  • Nikki Elliott
  • Caroline Parks
  • Rowan Ryrie
  • Jazmin Waterhouse
  • Louise Curd
  • Caroline Hoare
  • Brigitte Clark
  • Frances Clark
  • Elcema Jeffers
  • Priya Krishnan
  • Clare Bryden

Photos from the day

Credit: Caroline Parks

Before the day, we set up the framework of the website, using placeholder images and cod Latin. The purpose of the hackday was to write the content for the website, focusing on the home page, top level pages for each of the four main sections, and the core topics under these.

Here are a set of screenshots showing what the site looked like at the beginning of the day…

Now have a browse of the website to see the difference we made!


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