The Just Lawyer in my Organisation

As an in-house lawyer you have a unique role within your organisation which can bring great opportunities as well as challenges and questions about what your role as an in-house lawyer is or should be. Does ethical business and human rights have an impact on your work? Are you a gatekeeper armed with an ethical compass? How can you positively influence your organisation from within? Through this section of the website, we explore the ethical challenges that in-house lawyers face and demonstrate how your legal team can successfully drive a culture of “doing the right thing” through positive leadership, transparency and accountability.

“Your Company’s Purpose Is Not Its Vision, Mission, or Values” – Graham Kenny

Dealing with ethical challenges

Resources and strategies for junior lawyers facing ethical challenges in their workplace.

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Governance, transparency, and accountability

How the just lawyer can promote a culture of corporate compliance, active governance and accountability within their organisation.

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Internal conflicts of ‘clients’

In-house lawyers often encounter disagreements between competing divisions of their company. How can one push for the ‘just’ response.

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What is my role as an in-house lawyer?

Resources and strategies that in-house lawyers may use to lead their company into becoming a just organisation.

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How, and why, to drive a culture of “Doing the right thing”

Recognising just lawyers and employees within one’s organisation and stimulating broader company engagement.

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Leadership and moral compass

How might the just lawyer project their own values to instigate positive change within their company?

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