The Just Lawyer in my Profession

The legal system exists to ensure justice. It is important that we, as lawyers, do not forget this. Through this section of the website, we explore the ways in which in-house lawyers can keep this goal at the forefront of their minds. Furthermore, how might the legal industry evolve to earn a more positive reputation in broader society?

Overturning negative stereotypes

Crusty and old fashioned or Agile and enabled? Pale, stale, male or Diverse? Fat cats or Crusaders for justice? Finding the loopholes or Upholding the rules?

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Next generation of lawyers and legal education

Realising the opportunity of educating law students and future lawyers as to the importance of acting in a ‘just’ manner.

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Governed by professional SRA rules

A reminder of the SRA Professional Conduct Rules and their applicability to in-house lawyers.

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Going beyond codes of conduct

Codes of Conduct are a starting point. How might the just lawyer go further?

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Diversity and the profession

The legal profession has historically been largely homogenous. What initiatives exist to promote diversity in our profession?

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Duty of care

De-tangling the multiple and potentially conflicting duties of care that in-house lawyers owe to their company, their clients and the court.

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