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It’s really helpful and inspiring to read the stories of other lawyers who are Just Lawyers, so we are on the lookout for more case studies and would be very grateful for any you could supply.

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Information and instructions

We ask you to provide a category for your case study. To help you choose:

  • In action: Lawyers who have turned inspiration into action, whether within an organisation or community
  • Organisation: In-house lawyers who have served the cause of justice and/or met professional standards within an organisation
  • Profession: Lawyers displaying practical application of any issue of ethics, legal standards, integrity and our Code of Conduct
  • Society: Lawyers who have used their legal skills to serve local and global communities

You can optionally upload up to three images with the case study. All images will displayed at the top of the case study as thumbnails, that can be clicked to view the full image. The first image will be used as the feature image in lists of case studies. Each image has a maximum 1500px in width and height. Beware! If you exceed these limits, the form will not submit and will clear the main post content box. Ditto if you duplicate an existing post title, so you might want to check what’s already on the site. We’re working on this.

To embed a Youtube video within the case study text, simply paste the link on a separate line. Example of link:

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